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[very quiet voice] addicts deserve a place in the disability community too

[very loud and angry voice] addicts deserve a place in the disabled community too because addiction is a disorder of the brain AND it’s something you can inherit/be per-dispositioned to experience like bipolar disorder or depression.

appointment with my therapist went well today and i feel proud of the things i’ve accomplished since my last visit

still gotta work on kat’s patch commission but my hands and brain are being difficult 

this new medication is kicking my butt

I take great care of myself by carefully shutting myself away.
Vincent Van Gogh, a letter to his brother, Theo.  (via christywilde) ←


fuck the system♿️


for extreme trekies

Because I don’t think you heard me



The infantilization of disabled and mentally ill people has been part of the reasoning for us not getting hired, or when we do get hired receiving less pay while doing the exact same work as someone who is not disabled or mentally ill, for us not being taken seriously about our illnesses and injuries; which often results in our deaths. It’s also included reasoning for actions of violence against us, and to act as though the normalization of calling adults, “children” isn’t harmful is an act of violence, silencing, and erasure against those of us with mental illnesses, and disabilities speaking out against the use of age-based insults. It is not harmless when one infantilizes adults, it is incredibly damaging to those of us with disabilities and mental illnesses, and it is not at all damaging to full-grown adult men whining about not being catered to by like one person in the video game industry. so fucking stop.

And in case this wasn’t made clear already, this is why it’s super fucking gross and also can be deadly for you to use “mental age” to refer to disabled people.  Just don’t fucking do it.  Ever. 


I love this game